Special Exhibitions

Passionate Dynamics

curated by Elga Wimmer

Artists: Lydia Dona
  Isabelle Gros Kowal
  Sang Nam Lee
  Shan Sa
  Haeri Yoo

"Passionate Dynamics" lends its title to the fusion that is coherent in all of the paintings of the artists in this show. Passion is represented by poetry, narration, concept, symbolic terms, and dynamics are shown by gestures, strokes, abstraction from geometric to abstract expressionist forms, calligraphic elements, mechanical patterns, codes.


by Ha Jung Woo

A solo exhibition of paintings by Korean Movie Star, Ha Jung-woo (The Chaser [2008], The Client [2011], Berlin [in production]). Apart from Ha’s career as an actor, he is also a renowned artist from Korea and has hosted a number of solo-exhibitions in the past.