24TH - 27TH MAY, 2013


Summer is finally here, and we all know super-exciting Hong Kong Contemporary is also approaching us again soon in May. Get ready for the time of your life at our art fair!

Hitting Hong Kong for its second year, HKC is now well equipped with more thrilling artworks that were never brought on to the local art scene. As a pioneer, we are going to showcase some unfamiliar yet innovative artworks from Cuba, Iran and Africa. What’s more, over 50 British video artists’works will be presented in HKC. Please do not miss out and get prepared for this enchanting show.

HKC Opening party

This year, HKC has prepared a great opening party for our special VIP guests. Korean pop idol/artist Ku Hye Sun and the Hong Kong Celebrity Gigi Chao will attend the opening party. French performance artist Nico de la Fayewill perform the final phase of his 2-year-long art project M2B. HKC also brings from UK the ‘PINK BEAR’; an art-performance figure developed by British artist Paul Robinson. Last but not least, HKC Art Award 13will announce its winners during the opening party. With so many exciting programs, this is surely a party not to be missed.

HKC Budget 2013

HKC has been overwhelmed by the support from international galleries, and we sincerely apologize for those galleries who unfortunately could not be part of the fair due to the exceeding quota of galleries we can only showcase.

However, we proudly announce that we are launching another credentialed art fair between 6-8 September: HKC Budget 2013. HKC Budget 2013 is an art fair which targets at showcasing artworks below US$4,000.00. We are aiming to promote emerging artists/galleries and bring their exciting arts to Hong Kong buyers.

HKC Budget 2013’s director Jonathan Baker team will strive to deliver another high-quality art event that will blow your minds away once again.

The application for HKC Budget 2013 is now open.

please download the PDF application form here.

Mr. Baker and the whole HKC team sincerely look forward to seeing you be part of this exciting journey!

HKC looks forward to meeting you in May. For VIP registration, please visit http://www.hkc.com.co/vip.php.

Please keep supporting us! Thanks.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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Miss Tia Kim
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email: tia_kim@hkc.com.co
(English and Chinese)
Miss Stella Tsui
email: stella@hkc.com.co

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