24TH - 27TH MAY, 2013


Asiana Airline as our major sponsor

HKC13 is proud to announce that for the second year consecutively, Asiana Airline has became Hong Kong Contemporary’s major sponsor. We will announce our sponsoring and partnering company as soon as they have confirmed. So stay tuned.

Behind the Scenes

Hong Kong Contemporary is organized by Concrete Wall Creation Ltd. Since the establishment in Hong Kong at 1996, we have promoted, produced and organized numerous art related events. (www.cwc.com.co)

We have worked with very high profile artists/designers, from Oscar Winners to international movie stars, from the head of the most respected art institute to freshly graduated young art talent. We have also co-invested a feature film ‘Million RMB Baby’, a movie about Asia’s Art Market. Which is scheduled to start shooting in Beijing next July. The producer of the film is Chow Keung; a famous film producer who has already produced 16 films which entered Major Film Festival like Cannes film festival, Venice Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival.

Apart from many different role in various public and private organizations, our Fair Director Roger Lin is also the Member of SME Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce; the largest Chamber in Hong Kong. The Committee regularly advice the Hong Kong Government on business policy making.

Our Fair Manager Ms Paris Moon is the external-examiner of The Hong Kong Art Development Council. As an external-examiner, her duties include advising and approving the funding granted by the Council.

Our experience
In terms of experience in Hong Kong Art field and Market, we have a strong list of record cover a very wide range of area; from organizing, promoting, producing to management of an art fair. May is a very unique and totally different time from other period in Hong Kong. We are proud to say that we are the only hotel fair that has experience in this unique period. Unlike other one-off fairs, we don’t simply wishing or planning to run co-currently with the largest fair in the world; Art Basel Hong Kong. We know what works and what don’t. Experience is what we count on and what we have. See you in HKC13.

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If you have any questions, please contact:

(Chinese and Korean)
Miss Tia Kim
mobile: 82 10 5353 5303
email: tia_kim@hkc.com.co

(English and others)
Mr Tony Kwong
email: admin@hkc.com.co

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