24TH - 27TH MAY, 2013


A Strong Team for a Strong Fair!

As other art fairs are desperately looking for participating galleries during this period, HKC’s team has already been working on bringing you a great fair for months.

Our team members include Tia Kim, our Coordinator stationed in Korea, and Aida Sanz Jimeno in Europe who keeps our overseas contacts active at all times. With the support of Fair director Roger Lin, Manager Paris Moon, VIP Coordinator Anja Dobler, Technical Manager Tabby Yip, Administrator Stella Tsui and Heather Kim in Hong Kong, we are confident that we can deliver an exciting fair that few can match.

Strong Partners

Unlike some one-off art fairs or fairs that have no experience; HKC has gained a lot of support from the Media. We already have 15 magazines/media as our media partners and their numbers are increasing all the time. To gain international recognition, HKC also places adverts in many major international magazines.

The reports about HKC have reached a vast number of countries; from Asia to Europe media have reported about us.

HKC is the only hotel art fair in May sponsored by large corporations such as AIA and Asiana Airlines. We are further supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong, and are in joint partnership with multi social service agent, St. James Settlement.


HKC 2013 is also honored to exhibit several art works by eminent artist of Korea,HKC is organizing 2 special exhibitions: the kind of exhibitions uncommon to art fairs. While the Korean idol/film-maker/artist Ku Hye-sun and the famous HK celebrity Gigi Chao will cooperate and present their inspiring artworks at “Tales of the Two Cities”, the French performance artist Niko de la Faye will bring his interesting M2B show-sculpture project to Hong Kong from Mainland China. More exciting programmes will be announced very soon.

Also HKC VIP can enjoy a 10 % discount in our 18 Restaurant Partners between 13th and 27th May.

HKC looks forward to meeting you in May. For VIP registration, please visit http://www.hkc.com.co/vip.php.

Please keep supporting us! Thanks.

If you have any questions, please contact:

(Chinese and Korean)
Miss Tia Kim
mobile: 82 10 5353 5303

(English and others)
Miss Stella Tsui
email: stella@hkc.com.co

Address: Shop No.1, Ground Floor, Hua Fu Commercial Building, 111 Queen's Road West, Hong Kong
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