Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong
72 Gloucester Road, Wanchai

Special Program


A Mile Away - North Korean Art Exhibition

North Korea, a highly restricted kingdom. The news about North Korean defectors and government planned trips for tourists give an impression of lack of freedom. What is the position of arts in North Korea? Apart from serving for politics, are there any other ways out for arts? This exhibition will bring rarely seen North Korean art to the public and unveil its sensational side.


Interaction between Asian Metaphysics and Contemporary Art

8/9 (Sun) 3-4pm Conference Room

Asian metaphysics has been a big hit in Hong Kong: Zi Wei Dou Shu, I Ching, Ba Zi, Physiognomy and Feng Shui are all familiar to many local people. While being passionate for contemporary arts, people often follow the suggestions from Feng Shui masters for the decoration of their homes. HKC Budget Art Fair 2013 invites Asian metaphysics master Mr. T.Y. Choi to the latest trend: arts and Feng Shui. He will analyze and explain the property of different artworks from the perspective of Asian metaphysics.

Design Bazzar:

The other side of Art - Hong Kong Local Designers

Arts and design are closely connected and they complement each other. Hong Kong design has long been criticized of copying foreign works but now the situation is changing. Many young local designers have emerged in the recent years and have brought a new stream of creative and delicate designs to the field. The art fair invites elites of various design schools in Hong Kong and presents the illuminated Hong Kong design.